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    Planetary Devastation

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    1 Planetary Devastation on Sun Jun 26, 2016 6:45 pm


    Name: Planetary Devastation
    Element: Earth
    Rank: Z [Legendary Technique]
    Backstory: Originally, this was a partial method of which Moro used to destroy some of the 1st world. Of course, his scale of the attack was much larger. Some very powerful benders of the 1st world would have used this in the ancient times, thus those near the making of the 2nd world wouldn't have known about it. Thus, it's a lost technique soon to be revived. 


    Detailed further below. 

    Activation Motion: Connect palms and raise arms.
    Duration: 6 Post (Has Phases)
    Cooldown: Once per topic. 
    Range: 100 Meters
    Forces: Specified below, too many for here.
    Speed: Specified below, too many for here. 
    Health: 110 Health
    Stat Boosts: - 
    Stats Required: 90 Bending Strength, 60 Bending Speed, 50 Bending Precision, 45 Bending Fluidity

    What it does: User does the first activation motion of connecting their palms. At this moment, they can choose a location to create the core of the planetary devastation up to 100 meters away from them. The height is the core is always fixed at 300 meters above the ground. Once the user performs the second activation motion, the technique begins. 

    Large or even massive chunks of earth from within 100 radius of the location of the core begin to crush apart flying high into the sky towards the core at 60 speed. The user can now put their arms down. The flying earth will gather at the core forming a planet-like sphere. Once a decent amount of earth is there, aka within the 1st post. The size of the sphere is a 30-meter sphere. At all times, should the core be destroyed, the attack will fail simply sending the earth used falling downwards to the ground at 60 speed. This earth is weak and brittle posing little threat. Should the user ever die, this also happens.

    The 1st post form has 110 Health, 220 Resistance and regains 60 resistance in the next post. This planetary devastation sucks all nearby beings in with a simulated gravity by having the sphere rotate in such a way with carvings on the outside making wind get drawn into small cracks along it. This complex system acts like a constant gravity dragging all things within 100-meter radius of the core, if it were on the ground, at 110 Gravity Force. 

    In the 2nd post, the sphere has more earth and is a 60-meter sphere with 220 Health, 440 Resistance and regains 120 Resistance in the next post. 

    In the 3rd post, the planetary devastation is complete. A 100-meter sphere with 440 Health, 880 Resistance, and regains 240 Resistance if hit now. 

    Now the user can send the sphere downwards at 110 Speed.

    On the 4th post, the sphere is 200 meters from the ground. 

    On the 5th post, the sphere is 100 meters from the ground. 

    On the 6th post, the sphere hits the ground releasing the strongest devastation the world has ever seen. 440 Blunt Force directly into the ground effectively causing the follow effects: 

    The area below the sphere, upon contact, is pulverized sending a crashing explosion and crushing of all entities, rocks, etc. Sending a killing shockwave enough to destroy ear drums and lungs through the ground for another 200 meters down for everything directly below it. 

    The natural force is so powerful due to the size, weight, and usage of gravity. 

    For areas outside of the sphere, they receive a massive wave of flying earth debris in all directions including directly up for another 100 meters from all edges of the sphere. Debris ranges in size from massive to small hyper speed shards. Debris can move up to 100 speed, giving different types of force depending on the shape of the debris. At the same time, this debris is propelled by a 100-meter radius explosion of pure kinetic energy. 200 Blast force. 

    Should anyone have been sucked in by the gravity and connected into the planetary devastation, they will be crushed by a continuous blunt force of 110. 

    After this attack, assuming it successful, the entire Zone will now simply be a crater in the earth. If someone got out of range of the initial blast, this crator forming will not damage them. 

    Should the user know Lava, this can also be done with lava in such a way that the earth becomes lava as soon as it is dragged from the surface. And the massive sphere is lava. 

    The impact shoots a similar shockwave in all directions except in lava. 

    Character Specific: -
    Wordcount to Learn: 5,000
    Action Cost: 100 AP

    Bonus Requirements: Have Tsuchi connected to your spirit, claim on limited list. 
    Canon or Custom: Custom

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