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Steam Prison

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1 Steam Prison on Sat Jul 02, 2016 1:42 pm


Name: Steam Prison
Element: Water, Ice, Steam
Rank: S
Backstory: This technique as an extended version of Katara, the waterbending master's ice prison. It was created to destroy and cause major fear opposed to automatically killing. 

This is just the basic appearance, more is explained below. 

Activation Motion: Stretch out arm + hand and open palm. 
Duration: Until undone or broken out of
Cooldown: 5 Post
Range: 50
Forces: 80 Blunt Force (from water impact), then 80 more Force from steam. 
Speed: 80
Health: 80 Health, 160 Resistance
Stat Boosts: -
Stats Required: 60 Bending Strength, 40 Bending Fluidity, 30 Bending Precision, 40 Bending Speed. 

What it does: User performs the activation motion sending a large non-pointy tendril of water utilizing any nearby water sources to the opponent. Tendril = .7 meters wide + .2 Meters wide for every 10 fluidity above required amount. Long as technique range. 

The user can make at maximum 4 of these. Once one hits a target, the target takes 80 blunt force but is kept in place as the water blobs onto them creating a sphere with them in the center at 80 speed. This sphere measures 5 meters. 2 meters thick of ice. Rest is water which the target would be swimming in. This water is kept under total control by the user making moving virtually impossible for those with physical strength less than the force of the technique. 

Now on the next post, the user can choose to keep the water there and have the target trapped. Or... they can change the water to boiling hot steam that will give 80 Force that's rather unavoidable, boiling the target alive.

The user can keep this going for as many post as they want until the target either dies or escapes. 

If the target somehow melts or destroys the prison, the technique is ended there. 

Depending on the user's choice, the ice can be made to silence any and all screaming, or make it amplified and echoed, sounding like a screaming bull should the target scream from the pain. 
Character Specific: -
Wordcount to Learn: 4,000
Action Cost: 50 AP + 10 per turn

Bonus Requirements: Ice and Steam
Canon or Custom: Semi-Cannon

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