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True Firebending

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1 True Firebending on Sun Jul 03, 2016 7:29 pm


Skill Name:l True Firebending

You've danced with the ancients. 
And were gifted with the true meaning of fire. 

Backstory:l In the 1st world, shortly before it's destruction, there existed only two dragons left, Ran and Shaw. They were praised by a group called the sun warriors who lived excluded from the rest of the world's firebenders at the time, however still in the same nation. Dragons were the true masters of firebending. And if one was taught and shown true fire by a dragon with the intent of teaching, they'd gain a new outlook on fire as a whole. Now with a cleared mind, and new meaning in each fist or kick of flames they make. Their fire and will over their chi would be augmented.

Effect:l All fire techniques including lightning, gain + 20 in all forces and + 10 in all speed and - 1 in post cooldown. 

As an added non-cannon bonus, the user gains their custom color of fire which they must always keep and can't change. This must be listed in the claim. Relics that change bending color still retain dominance over this. And.. if blue fire is also a skill of the user, their fire will appear their custom color with parts of it being blue, rather 50, 50. 

[This is a special skill, that is canon. Only for that reason can it break standard rules of skills.]

Wordcount Training:l - (All word count is in the actual ceremony) Ceremony completed successfully. 
Character Exclusive:
Bonus Requirements:l Be a firebender, and be judged pure or neutral of heart at the time. And claimed on limited list. 

Ceremony of Dragons

This can only be performed at the ruins of the sun warriors in Foncer. 

The ceremony goes as followed. The one doing it must do the following. 

Learn the Dragon Dance.
Go to the ceremony grounds where Ran and Shaw, the two ancient dragons are. 
He/she must hold a flame in both hands from the sacred fire and carry up to the top of the stairs before reaching the platform between the two mountains. 

Up to 2, can do the ceremony at once. 
Now, the dragons will fly out circling the platforms until the participant initiates the Dragon Dance. Once done, the dragons will follow the participator(s) in the dance. 

After this, the dragons will appear on either side of the platform, they will stare down those in the center and judge them. 

Moro knew that chaos and harmony were required in a world of humans. He impaired the judgment of the two dragons by bending their spiritual nature, and they will now deem anyone worthy to receive the power. 

At this point, the dragons will mount on the sides of the platform before breathing fire upwards in a cyclone if sorts. The flames will not damage those within and the colors of the flames range the entire color spectrum. 

Once the dragons return into their homes, the ceremony is completed. 

The ceremony must be a total of 2,000 words. 

Battle used properly is expression of self.
And surely, my will to fight mirrors my motives.
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