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Character Creation Template

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1 Character Creation Template on Fri May 20, 2016 11:09 pm


Character Template and Rules

If you haven’t already done so. I’d highly advise reading the full list of rules here. – [insert link to rules page]

Before being able to venture into the deep adventure of Avatar RPG, a player must create their first character to extend into the world.

> As of now, there are only three zones at which players can start.

These would be D-039, C-056, and D-010.

> Your character must be fully approved before any roleplaying can take place as well as creating any applications for techniques, skills, and other such not dealing with character creation.  

>List for settlements accepting arriving characters – [insert link here]

Creating a Character
To create a character, simply fill out the template shown below. Along with this, you must also provide an RP sample.

Note - All starting characters, get a free 60 stats to allocate to each section of stats. This includes the natural 1 stat point you get in every stat.

RP Sample
Each RP sample is to be 750 words. It will be judged on quantity as well as quality. It doesn’t need to be any Shakespeare tier but be reasonable. Do not include any characters that are controlled by actual people within Avatar RPG. In this sample, you have no weapons, bending, or anything else alike.
> There are three options.

1. Roaming about the village doing your norms, you spot two friends of yours. They’re arguing. The argument advances to a fight, you jump in to cancel it before it gets out of hand.

2. You’re on a war ship air fleet in the lead and preparing for your air drop descent using basic parachutes. You near to your location as your ship begins to take fire. Being a cadet not used to such turmoil, you escape just barely diving out earlier than your comrades.

3. You just committed quite the crime and are currently on the run. You have guards searching for you and you’re still in the center of the city. Through skill and strategy, you escape undetected.

Template Code:

Basic Information 

Age:l (Your character's age)
Gender:l (Your character's gender)
Race:l (Your character's race)
Appearance:l (What your character looks like from general clothing, height measurements, weight, anything else, etc.)
History:l (Your character's history. At least 7 decent sentences)

Starting Zone/Location:l

Element:l (Choose one. Fire, Water, Earth, Air,)

-Basic Stats-

-Bending Stats-
Bending Speed: 1
Bending Strength: 1
Bending Precision: 1
Bending Fluidity:  1

-Resourcing Stats-
Woodcutting: 1
Mining: 1
Forging: 1
Construction: 1
Swimming: 1
Medical: 1
Trapping: 1
Navigation: 1
Reading/Writing: 1
Gathering: 1
Tracking: 1
Spirit: 1

Spirits are of importance. 
Spirit Primary Color = ,Spirit Secondary Color = .
Personality:l (Your character's personality. At least 7 decent sentences)

Likes:l (What your character likes. At least 5 likes)
Dislikes:l (What your character dislikes. At least 5 dislikes)


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