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Mastery & Sub-Element Rules

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1 Mastery & Sub-Element Rules on Sat May 21, 2016 3:35 am


Mastery & Sub-Element Rules


Here, you will be able to find all the essential rules that will help you determine your desired path of being a bender, if you are one. 
[Note] - Avatars are not capable of mastering anything. As they essentially have mastered everything regardless.

What it is & What it does:

Within the world of Avatar, there is a system coined as mastery. 
Mastery refers to exclusively studying within a certain branch of one's element. Thus, a firebender who only uses lightning would have mastered lightning bending. While a firebender who only uses pure fire would have mastered firebending. 

One can choose to not master in anything of their element branch, this can prove to be good or bad depending on the situation. If one masters a specific branch of their element, they will only be able to use that branch of the element for the rest of their character's life. However, in return, the techniques in relation to that mastered branch receive + 20 In all Forces, + 10 Speed, and - 10 AP. The cap for this would be 1 AP at the least.

Thus, a firebender who masters fire itself will only have to pay 1 AP for Fire Manipulation opposed to 5 AP of the average firebender. 
How to Master a Branch:

Mastering a branch of one's element is simple. You must create a 6k Word Training post dedicated to the element branch that includes studying and utilizing in new ways never seen before to your character. Once this is done, it is to be reviewed and approved. Then, you would have mastered the branch. 

Any techniques that break your constraints of only being able to use that branch such has having earth techniques when you mastered lavabending must be deleted from your character statistics by you. Word Count will however not be refunded towards new techniques. 
All Branches capable of Mastery?:

Now you may be a little iffy on what things actually classify for being capable of mastering. Well generally anything really. 
For the sake of listing, here we go. 
From water, there is water, ice, steam, blood, and any other sub-elements later made.
From earth, there is earth, sand, lava, metal. 
From fire, there is fire, combustion, lightning.
From air, there is air and sound. 

Sub-Elements are partial elements that branch from a core element. Sub-Elements must be trained. The 1st Sub-Element training takes 2,000 Wordcount. While the second takes 4,000 Word Count. After this, the user can no longer learn a sub-element. Sub-Elements can be unlearned for 2x the wordcount they were learned for. After unlearning a Sub-Element, the price for the next ones increase by 2,000 Wordcount as well.

The maximum amount of Sub-Elements is 2.

Also note that while manipulations such as Water Manipulation include the fact that you can shift between the states of the bended matter. It fully requires the actual sub-element to be learned for it to be used in techniques. 

Thus, Water does not automatically have ice or steam and nor does fire automatically have lightning. 

On a heavy semi-related side note. Note that all lightning techniques receive + 15 speed on their application to simulate just how much faster lightning is than other element's. 

On another side note, all metal techniques receive + 15 health on their application to simulate how much stronger metal generally is. 

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