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Resourcing Stats - In Depth

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1 Resourcing Stats - In Depth on Sat May 21, 2016 12:23 pm


Resourcing Stats - Full Explanation 

here you will find the full information, effects, and other things associated with each resourcing stat. Let's get right into it. 


The construction skill is utilized by all formers of civilization. Every town, village, and nation that you’ve come to know has been the results of this very skill. It can protect you from the relentlessness of the wild and danger of others. Use it with precision and choose your settlings wisely.
Construction can also be trained within the mind and doesn’t require any materials to be trained.
1-19 = (2,000 Word Sessions)
20-29 = (1,500 Word Sessions)
30-39 = 1,200 Word Sessions)
40-59 = (900 Word Sessions)
60-79 = (600 Word Sessions
80-100 = (400 Word Sessions)
These are training session word counts.
- Note – Many constructions take their own word count to be created.
This list is representing most constructions.  

To use the below materials when building, you will need the corresponding stat or higher in construction.
Wooden = 1+
Plants = 1+
Stone = 20+
Iron = 30+
Silver = 40+
Ralt = 60+
Gold = 70+
Meteorite = 80+
Lorite = 90+

Forging is the brother of mining. It is used to create tools, weapons, armor and is generally required in anything that involves metal. This skill is common knowledge in those looking to be war-ready.
At the level shown, the player is capable of using the item beside it and doing the skill with word sessions of the designated number. To be able to forge at these word counts, you need the appropriate equipment shown to the far right.
For any forging/smithing to be done, one must be at a forging station.
1-19 = (2,000 Word Sessions)
20-29 = (1,500 Word Sessions)
30-39 = 1,200 Word Sessions)
40-59 = (900 Word Sessions)
60-79 = (600 Word Sessions
80-100 = (400 Word Sessions)
More materials to use will be added later. As of now, this is the list. To make anything that requires x material, you must have equal to or higher than its corresponding forging level.
Iron = 1+                                                       
Silver = 25+                                                    
Ralt = 50+                                                       
Gold = 70+                                                      
Meteorite = 80+         
Lorite = 90+               

A universal skill known by all that want to survive in the wild or gather easy materials for future items, gathering should be well known by all comers within the Avatar RPG.
There are no items required to collect items that work off the gathering skill.
1-19 = (2,000 Word Sessions) –
20-29 = (1,500 Word Sessions) –
30-39 = (1,200 Word Sessions) –
40-59 = (900 Word Sessions) –
60-79 = (600 Word Sessions) –
80-100 = (400 Word Sessions) –
All materials/resources can be gathered at 1+
Just for note. – Examples –
Grass Strands
.. etc 

The medical skill is for those that want to preserve their own life as well as their comrades’. Having someone with this skill within your team is essential. It is the mark of the life savers.
These are just the training session requirements. Each type of injury requires its own wordcount to be fixed as well as the needed equipment.
The items required to train medical can be imagined within one’s mind. Though, doing an actual fix requires the listed equipment.
1-19 = (2,000 Word Sessions)                                  
20-29 = (1,500 Word Sessions)                               
30-39 = (1,200 Word Sessions)
40-59 = (900 Word Sessions)
60-79 = (600 Word Sessions)
80-100 = (400 Word Sessions)
Level requirement and equipment needed for different injuries.
Some don’t require any treating at all such as a scratch or bruise.
(This system will use more than just bandages in the future.)
If a wound is on the head, it requires + 10 levels to be dealt with.

Decent Cut = 1+                      requires: 1 Bandage
Laceration lvl 1 = 30+             requires: 3 Bandages
Laceration lvl 2 = 50+             requires: 5 Bandages
Laceration lvl 3 = 60+             requires: 6 Bandages
Small Impale = 45+                 requires: 4 Bandages
Medium Impale = 55+            requires: 5 Bandages
Large Impale = 65+                 requires: 7 Bandages
Broken Bones
Legs & Feet = 50+                  requires: 12 Bandages
Arms & Shoulder Section = 65+               requires: 15 Bandages
Chest Area = 75+                   requires: 18 Bandages
Blast Injuries   (These injures are placed on limbs and not the whole body.)
Blast Injury lvl 1 = 60+          requires: 8 Bandages
Blast Injury lvl 2 = 70+          requires: 10 Bandages
Blast Injury lvl 3 = 80+          requires: 12 Bandages
Dismembered Limb = 80+   requires: 6 Bandages (just for dressing the point of dismemberment)
Reattach Limb = 90+     requires: 10 Bandages (can only attach limbs within 10 post of the user losing it.)
Blunt Force of 80 results in broken bones in that area.
Blunt force of 70 on the head results in a 2 post-concussion
[Assuming the person’s health isn’t higher.]

Mining is a great skill. It goes hand in hand with forging and the creation of society itself. A city with no miners is a city with no walls. A city with no walls is a city with no hope for survival. Not to mention, it can make a great deal of money as well. – It is the skill that allows entry to what lies deep below the surface of land.
1-19 = Wooden Pickaxe (2,000 Word Sessions) – Requires Wooden Pickaxe
20-29 = Stone Pickaxe (1,500 Word Sessions) – Requires Stone Pickaxe
30-39 = Iron Pickaxe (1,200 Word Sessions) – Requires Iron Pickaxe
40-59 = Silver Pickaxe (900 Word Sessions) – Requires Silver Pickaxe
60-79 = Ralt Pickaxe (600 Word Sessions) – Requires Ralt Pickaxe
80-100 = Meteor Pickaxe (400 Word Sessions) – Requires Meteor Pickaxe
To mine X, your mining skill must be equal to or higher than…
Stone = 1+                                                       Requires: Wooden Pickaxe+
Iron = 20+                                                        Requires: Stone Pickaxe+
Silver = 30+                                                     Requires: Iron Pickaxe+
Ralt = 50+                                                        Requires: Silver Pickaxe+
Gold = 60+                                                       Requires: Ralt Pickaxe+
Meteorite = 75+                                             Requires: Ralt Pickaxe+
Lorite = 90+                                                    Requires: Meteor Pickaxe+

The skill known by all that travel the world for whatever reason they may choose. Only ones with expertise in the arts of navigation can travel and make it from destination to destination at great time whether it be boat, horse carriage, or bison used.
Training- Obviously, you need something to practice navigating on. Training must remain in the same zone unless you want it counting as actual travel.
Since there is nothing really acquired by training navigation in terms of items or others alike, there are no specific training word counts required for sessions.
Levels required to use X form of transportation as the driver
Zebra Horse/ Bird Camel Carriage = 1+
Dragon = 75+
Bison = 45+
Polar Dog Bear = 1+
Sail Boat = 15+
Basic Medium Boat = 40+
Large Reinforced Boat = 60+
Iron Surfer = 50+
Warship = 60+
War Airship = 70+
Waring Guardian = 80+
Spirit World
Spirit Wanderer = 30+
Spirit Butterfly = 60+
Spirit Dragon = 80+
Links to mounts:
- To be added. 

Skill of those literal and knowledgeable, reading/writing is useful in various circumstances. Ancient text
Or cryptic codes can only be understood by those who’ve mastered this.
Since nothing is generally acquired when training this skill, there are no specific word sessions for training. Character, for training, can read any text or books that don’t need to be specifically real or write anything as well.
Various books or text require certain reading/writing levels or even different made languages known.

When creating a book, text, or any document, the player can choose the reading level required to understand it from 1 to whatever their reading/writing level is.

This is the skill of those who wish to find something beyond the mortal world via connecting to the energy lying within the world of spirits. This skill typically goes hand in hand with one’s wisdom.
Many items or other abilities require high levels within the spirit stat. At a certain level, the ability to enter the spirit world via meditation becomes possible.
Since you can’t gain anything from spirit training, there are no wordcounts for sessions. You can train this skill just about anywhere via focusing on the energy around you. This training can be done in dreams, hallucinations, meditation, and other activities alike.
Spirit Level Markers. (These don’t include the many item requirements.)

Entering the spirit world through meditation = 80+

While seeming like an arbitrary skill in the Avatar RPG world, swimming is useful for many occasions. This skill is known by those that know the sea or have an interest with water. Not only can it help you in moving if one would go overboard, it is useful in battles against those who use water as an offense.
There are no designated word sessions for swimming.
Swimming practice can only be done on a shore in water, at sea, at a lake, or near other bodies of water.
These next numbers affect how many words are required to get through a water zone fully by swimming with your body.
1-29 = 2,000 words to pass through water zones
30-49 = 1,750 words to pass through water zones
50-74 = 1,500 words to pass through water zones

75+ = 1,250 words to pass through water zones
Life of those who wish to search for the rare creatures of both the physical and spiritual worlds, tracking is a needed art for acquiring the goods of peculiar creatures for creation of unique items and other such.

To track an animal/beast one must have the appropriate level in his/her skill as well as be in a zone that is capable of hosting this beast.
These word sessions refer to actually tracking whatever animal. At the end of the session, you can then kill the animal. However, if this being is special, instant killing may not be allowed such as a boss requiring the npcing of the fight.
                Training for this skill can be mentally imagined. This would be due to the fact that there is nothing to track at early levels.
1-19 = (2,000 Word Sessions)
20-29 = (1,500 Word Sessions)
30-39 = (1,200 Word Sessions)
40-59 = (900 Word Sessions)
60-79 = (600 Word Sessions)
80-100 = (400 Word Sessions)
Tracking Levels for beast:
Ice Dragons = 60+
Dragons = 60+
Zebra Horses = 20+
Dog Polar Bears = 30+
Bird Camels = 20+
Passing Serpents = 70+
Bison = 50+
Spirit Wanderer = 30+
Spirit Dragons = 70+

Spirit Butterflies = 50+
The skill of those wishing to hunt rare beast to claim their uses or befriend them as familiar. This skill should be known by all that travel the wild lands without secure home as it will protect you and maybe even benefit further. This skill is also equivalent to hunting.

Traps don’t break after a session.
1-19 = Broken Traps (2,000 Word Sessions) – requires broken traps
20-29 = Basic Traps (1,500 Word Sessions) – requires basic traps
30-39 = Decent Traps (1,200 Word Sessions) – requires decent traps
40-59 = Good Traps (900 Word Sessions) – requires good traps
60-79 = Reinforced Traps (600 Word Sessions) – requires reinforced traps
80-100 = Complicated Traps (400 Word Sessions) – requires complicated traps
Levels and places required to hunt X beast…

1-19 = Small woodland/arctic animals (Ex. Arctic Hens or Wood Frogs)
20-29 = Moderately-sized woodland animals/arctic animals (Wolves or Hogs)
30-39 = Large woodland animals/arctic animals, moderate-sized arid land animals included as well. (Ex. Yaks, Elephant Mandrill, and Tiger Monkey)
40-59 = Large Animals of any kind ranging from Arctic to Hot, moderate-sized Desert Blaze animals. (Ex. Weasel Snake or Eagle Hawk)
60-79 = Large Animals of any kind ranging from Arctic to Desert Blaze, moderate-sized Volcanic Wasteland animals. (Ex. Lion Vulture or Spider Snake)
80-100 = Large Animals of any kind ranging from Arctic to Volcanic Wasteland.
Woodcutting is a great friend of the construction skill. It is rather essential to the creating of any settlements and such or crafting of various tools and weapons. This skill is common knowledge for those that live in areas of many trees.
At the level shown, the player is capable of using the item beside it and doing the skill with word sessions of the designated number. To be able to mine at these word counts, you need the appropriate equipment shown to the far right.
1-19 = Wooden Axe (2,000 Word Sessions) – Requires Wooden Axe
20-29 = Stone Axe (1,500 Word Sessions) – Requires Stone Axe
30-39 = Iron Axe (1,200 Word Sessions) – Requires Iron Axe
40-59 = Silver Axe (900 Word Sessions) – Requires Silver Axe
60-79 = Ralt Axe (600 Word Sessions) – Requires Ralt Axe
80-100 = Meteor Axe (400 Word Sessions) – Requires Meteor Axe
As of now, there is only one type of tree. This is unspecified.

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