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1 Badge List on Sat May 21, 2016 2:22 pm


Alright now, Badges are essentially little tokens or achievements that once you qualify for. One can claim it and insert it within their badge list for their character. It's best to claim all badges you are capable of getting as they show experience and skill directly from your statistic's page. 

As of now, there are few badges but here they are. 

Also, don't do stupid shit just to get badges. They're meaningless in the eyes of others if what you did to get them didn't follow your character's personality, story, etc. 


Badge #0
Name: No Life Literally
Meaning: You've gotten every other badge on this list except badge #1

Badge #1
Name: First Ten
Meaning: Your character was among the first ten characters to ever be approved on this site!

Badge #2
Name: Clutch Survivor
Meaning: You've survived having your resistance dropped to below 20% 3 times or more in non-sparring combat!

Badge #3
Name: Enlightened
Meaning: You've entered the spirit world at least once. 

Badge #4
Name: The Argonaut
Meaning: You've survived a life or death 7v1 with you being the singular fighter without leaving the battle.

Badge #5
Name: Golden
Meaning: You've achieved 50,000 Gold or more at some point.

Badge #6
Name: Grim Reaper
Meaning: You have amassed 12 or more direct player kills.

Badge #7
Name: Mastery
Meaning: You have mastered a branch of some element. 

Badge #8
Name: Veteran
Meaning: You've survived 5 or more war based engagements. 

Badge #9
Name: Slayer of the Originals
Meaning: You've killed a player who was among the first 10 approved characters.

Badge #10
Name: Reborn
Meaning: You've died at least once and have been revived shortly after. 

Badge #11
Name: Balance's Challenger
Meaning: You've battled the Avatar 1v1 non-sparring for more than 10 post and survived.

Badge #12 
Name: Balance's Overtaking
meaning: You've killed the Avatar or assisted directly in the battle of the Avatar's death on the side attacking the Avatar.

Badge #13
Name: Tokuchi
Meaning: You've beaten someone with a 200 Basic Stats and Bending Stats gap from you. 

Badge #14
Name: Faced the Puppeteers 
Meaning: You've been blood-bended in a battle scenario before.

Badge #15
Name: Shocking Unshocked
Meaning: You've survived a direct hit to your character or character's armor from lightning.  

Badge #16
Name: Breaker of Confines
Meaning: You've broken out of a prison at some point.

Badge #17
Name: Relic Fighter
Meaning: You've battled someone with a relic currently equipped in a non-sparring scenario and won. 

Badge #18
Name: Relic Wielder
Meaning: You've wielded a relic at some point that wasn't being borrowed. 

Badge #19
Name: Skillful
Meaning: You have 100 in at least one Resourcing Stat. 

Badge #20
Name: Untouchable
Meaning: Win a battle that lasted for over 20 post without being hit or damaged once. 

Badge #21
Name: Sacrifice
Meaning: You've gotten yourself killed in the attempts to save another player from direct danger.

Badge #22
Name: Traveler
Meaning: You've entered 150 or more zones. (this counts for back-tracking too)

Badge #23
Name: Not Today
Meaning: You've been in the direct aim of 5 or more Z-Rank techniques from non-sparring scenarios, and have survived.

Badge #24
Name: Southern Raider
Meaning: You've assisted in the destroying of a civilization zone that resulted in ruins.

Badge #25
Name: Ruler
Meaning: You've led a civilization at some point, or have greatly assisted in doing so. 

Badge #26
Name: Hero
Meaning: You've been known in the eye of the public to be heroic and good at some point.

Badge #27
Name: Evil
Meaning: You've been known in the eye of the public to be devilish and evil at some point. 

Badge #28 
Name: Airdrop
Meaning: You've fell for over 200 meters and survived. 

Badge #29
Name: Contractor
Meaning: You've been a part of 30 or more contracts.  

Badge #30
Name: Fearless of the Beyond
Meaning: You've soloed a Relic Lair Guardian Spirit and won. 

Badge #31
Name: Relentless Killer
Meaning: You've killed 5 or more people in the same topic.

Badge #32
Name: Long living 
Meaning: You've lived for over an IRL year. 

Bdage #33
Name: Challenger of the Beyond
Meaning: You've participated in a fight against a Relic Lair Guardian Spirit and have won. 

Badge #34
Name: Stormer
Meaning: You've lived through and have participated in over 5 Grand Events. 

Badge #35
Name: Anti-Kill
Meaning: You've survived an assassination attempt from someone decently capable. 

Badge #36
Name: Moro's Witness
Meaning: You've seen a legendary technique used before. 

Badge #37
Name: Vision of Soaring
Meaning: You've had or seen one using void flight. 

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