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Kagegami - The Shadow Knight

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1 Kagegami - The Shadow Knight on Mon May 23, 2016 11:34 pm


Guardian of the necklace of the Void.

Basic Stats:
Health: 300
Chi/Phi: 140
Strength: 175
Agility: 120

Resistance: 600
AP: 1,400
Max techniques per post: 10
Resistance Regain Per Post: 50

Appearance: Kagegami, otherwise known as the shadow knight spirit, is a 6 foot spirit with a rather lean and skinny body, black long hair and dual protruding white horns from either side of the head measuring in at .1 meter. The shadow knight is always footed head to toe in full black metal armor that shines perfectly. This armor is fixed with tons of scratches and battle markings showing past experience. The spirit's face is a deep grey color. 



The Shadow Knight's first weapon is his dark spirit orbs which are literally orbs of tainted spirits from humans and other sources alike combined to produce a negative well in the cosmic energy of the universe which most humans of little spiritual knowledge would define as good or evil balance. 


At the start, 4 orbs are present with 2 on either side of the Shadow Knight. One out from hip level and another from shoulder. 

Each orb has 100 Health and 200 Resistance. These orbs act as 360 degrees eyes for the Shadow Knight. Upon contact, each orb can do up to 100 Blunt Force. Orbs move at 140 speed.

Each orb can be devoured/absorbed by Kagegami to restore 100 Resistance. Dark spirit orbs can also be created at 140 speed for the price of 200 Resistance. 

The orbs come with their own set of abilities as well. 
Note - Each orb has it's own set of cooldowns when using abilities of them. Keep this in mind. 
Void Bullet - 1 Dark Orb shoots 4 consecutive void bullets at 150 speed that can have various effects depending on the Kagegami's will. 100 Pierce, 100 Blast, or 100 Blunt. 2 Post Cooldown, 25 AP. 150 Meter range. 

Shadow Wear - 1 Dark orb can spread over the Shadow Knight all over his body resulting in a 6 post armor of 100 Health, and 200 Resistance. 10 Post cooldown, 150 AP. Should the armor be destroyed, the orb is destroyed as well. When the duration is over, the orb returns if it wasn't destroyed. 

Absorb & Store - 1 Dark orb can absorb the literal existence of a colliding attack if its force is equal or less than the orb's health. 3 Post cooldown, 50 AP cost.   Each orb can store at max, 3 existences of attacks. When absorbed, the attack doesn't lose force from contacting the dark orb.

Stored Release - 1 Dark Orb with at least 1 existence of an attack within it can have that attack released as if it were just used originally from the point of the orb with the Shadow Knight's preferred direction.  20 AP, 2 Post Cooldown.

Armor: Has some but isn't very significant to give stats. Explained in appearance. 

Personality: Kagegami is one who is aware of his power and enjoys toying with challengers always trying to get into their heads which he tends to do successfully. He's sarcastic, loves fighting, and is quite proud.


Void Buff
If any techniques touch the shadow lance, or dark orbs, their force is halfed automatically but only once. & All barriers or things alike can be broken with half the force required. Thus, 100 health is equivalent to 50 health. This doesn't include other character's health. 

Drawing Presence
Those in the Shadow Knight's presence that aren't within 50 meters of him will use double the AP for all techniques in all facets. 

Spirit Body
Since the body of the Shadow Knight is made entirely of spiritual energy, the only way to actually kill this guardian is to bring its resistance to 0.

Technique Arsenal


Prey's Enclosing: - Kagegami creates a sphere barrier extending even underground. This barrier is 3 meters thick and forms 20 meters out from the Shadow Knight. 200 Health, 400 Resistance, last for 3 post before vanishing. 6 Post cooldown, 100 AP. 

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