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Stat Rules

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1 Stat Rules on Fri May 20, 2016 6:11 pm


Stat Rules

In Avatar-RPG, stats govern what your character is or isn’t capable of doing. Unlike most games, stat points or SP come in three different types. These types are basic stat points, bending stat points, and resourcing stat points.

General Stat Rules:
• No single stat can exceed 100 without boosts nor be lower than 1.
• If stats are boosted, the maximum is 300 regardless of what the numbers tell.
• Stats cannot be sold, or gifted. Once you obtain them, you must allocate them as well.
• Should one max out all possible stat allocations. Where one would gain a stat point, he gains one action point or AP instead.

- Here you will find all the stats, what they do, how the stat system works, many stat multipliers and their effects, - - -

Acquiring Stat Points
Acquiring Stat Points:

Typically, stats are earned through training at a rate of 200 words per stat. Keep in mind, your receiving of stats depends on what you are doing. If you are training a bending technique, you get a basic stat point and a bending stat point for every 200 words. The post must be mainly you actually training as well. If it is 4/5 you running about the woods and observing wildlife, you receive nothing.

Resourcing stat points are skill specific. If you make a post about you mining for 1000 words. You will receive 5 mining stat points that can only be allocated to mining. This mining post could never result in 5 medical stat points.
Resourcing stat posts do not give basic or bending stat points.

Basic Stats
Basic Stats:
The basic stats include health, chi/phi, strength, and agility. These basic stats are also known as general stats. Each player can have a maximum of 250 stat points allocated here.

The health stat represents the durability of your character and how much of a beating it can take before going down.
Examples: a person with 80 Health will take much longer to feel the effects of poison opposed to one with 50 Health.  & a 20 meter fall will damage one with 50 Health less than one with 30 Health
Health also functions with the resistance stat. Resistance determines how damaged your character is, and how much of a beating they can take.

The chi/phi stat represents the amount of physical and bending energy that a person has. The more chi/phi one has, the more techniques and actions one can do within battle without tiring as well as the quicker they can recover their physical condition.
This skill translates to your action points.
Your amount of action points is 15 times your Chi/Phi stat.

The strength represents how strong a character is. The more one has, take powerful attacks, and possibly counter them.

The agility stat represents how graceful and fast a player can move. The more one has, the more easily they can dodge, higher they can jump, and the faster they can process information. Note also that agility can also be said by speed vice versa.

Bending Stats
Bending Stats:
The stats for bending are given their own category and go as so. Each player can have a maximum of 250 stat points allocated here.

:Bending Speed:
The bending speed stat determines how fast one can bend his/her element and what speeds it can travel at.

:Bending Strength:
The bending strength stat determines the maximum amount of material that can be bent by a user at once. Think of it like the carrying capacity of bending.

:Bending Precision:
The bending precision stat determines how accurate one is with the aim of his/her attacks and how well one can control small or condensed quantities of elements.

:Bending Fluidity:
The bending fluidity stat determines how many different techniques can be used or at use simultaneously. Most bending techniques do not require a direct bending fluidity stat. But, some do. 
Fluidity System:

This works in an amount of techniques & active skills used per post.
Fluidity Stat       =   Amount of Tech/Act.Skill Uses
1-19                 =   1
20-39                =   2
40-59               =    4
60-79                =   6
80-99               =    8
100+               =    Infinite
Obviously, this doesn't bypass the need to do certain motions for techniques and skills, thus you still can't do all the moves simultaneously that often. But if presented with the chance, this will determine it.

Resourcing Stats

Resourcing Stats:
The resourcing stats are the largest group of stats; they govern around the idea of gathering materials and putting them to good use via player skills. Each player can have a maximum of 400 stat points allocated here. Resourcing stats can only be awarded if the topic is made solely for it. If you happen to be traveling to another place via ship and you are controlling the ship, this doesn’t count towards ship controlling.

The woodcutting stat determines a player’s efficiency at gathering lumber. This also includes what types of trees he/she can cut as well.

The mining stat determines how well a player can do in mining and what types of materials they can discover and gather.

The forging stat governs how well one can craft items requiring metals and fabrics (because why not.) The better this stat is, the better armor and weapons that can be made from it.

The construction stat is how well the player can create buildings, pieces of transportation, factories, and partially artillery. The higher this stat is, the better geared one is for creating a suitable place to live.

Seeming like one of the most arbitrary skills to exist, the swimming stat determines the expertise in a player’s swimming. If this is too low, one can easily drown and has little resistance to large scale water techniques. If this stat is high enough, the player can swim with great speed and ease.

The medical stat is exactly how effective you are with the use of medical equipment and if you can use it or create it efficiently.

The trapping stat governs how well one can create traps that can be used for animals/beast, humans, and even beast.

The navigation stat determines how well one is with controlling means of transportation. The higher this stat is, the faster one can travel.

The reading/writing stat governs how well a player can read and write. This also governs the highest level of book a player can read or write as well.

The gathering stat determines how well a player can collect simple materials that are around such as berries, sand, leaves, acorns, etc.

The tracking stat controls how well one can track animals and beast. The higher this stat is, the rarer beast one can venture to come into contact with.

Likely to be the most ill categorized stat in all history, the spirit stat represents the level of spirituality the character has. The level can result in various new abilities and effects with one of the most notable being direct entry into the spirit world.

Side Stats
Despite having the name “side”, side stats are likely to be some of the most important stats for you to know. They govern the laws that directly influence how a battle will end, a weapon will work, and the capabilities of one’s character as well. There are a lot. So, this section may seem overwhelming. However, some are very situational and you likely won’t have to use them that often.

Jumping Distance:
Jumping Distance:
The jumping stat is equal to Agility + Strength / 2 then  [round to closest whole number]
The maximum height of a player’s jump is shown as so using the number of the jumping stat.
1-10 = .3 Meters
11-20 = .5 Meters
21-30 = .6 Meters
31-40 = .8 Meters
41-50 = 1 Meter
51-60 = 1.3 Meters
61-70 = 1.6 Meters
71-80 = 2 Meters
81-90 = 2.5 Meters
91-100 = 3 Meters
------------------- Below = Not possible without buffs.
101-120 = 4 Meters
121- 140 = 5 Meters
141-160 = 6 Meters
161-180 = 7 Meters
181-199 = 8 Meters
200+ = 10 Meters

The jumping distance that can be covered without build up is Agility + Strength / 6 then  [round to closest whole number] If the player builds up momentum in one post and doesn’t change it in the next, in that post, the jumping distance is then called the maximum jumping distance which is Agility + Strength/3 

Jumping distance is shown here using both the jumping distance stats as reference.
1-5 = .3 Meters
6-10 = .6 Meters
11-15 = .9 Meters
16-20 = 1.4 Meters
21-25 = 1.7 Meters
26-30 = 2 Meters
31-35 = 2.3 Meters
------------------------------- ^ ^ Maximum jump distance possible with no buildup or buffs. ^ ^
36-40 = 2.7 Meters
41-45 = 3.2 Meters
46-50 = 3.9 Meters
51-55 = 4.4 Meters
56-60 = 4.9 Meters
61-65 = 5.4 Meters
66-70 = 5.9 Meters
------------------------------ ^ ^ Maximum jump distance possible with buildup and no buffs. ^ ^
71-75 = 6.4 Meters
76-80 = 6.9 Meters
81-85 = 7.4 Meters
86-90 = 7.9 Meters
91-99 = 8.4 Meters
100+ = 9 Meters

Throwing distance and speed:
Throwing Distance and Speed:
The throwing stat is Strength + Agility / 2 then [rounded to closest whole num]

For maximum distance, the number correlations are shown below using the throwing stat.
1-10 = 4 Meters
11-20 = 6 Meters
21-30 = 8 Meters
31-40 = 10 Meters
41-50 = 14 Meters
51-60 = 18 Meters
61-70 = 22 Meters
71-80 = 28 Meters
81-90 = 36 Meters
91-100 = 42 Meters
----------------------------- ^ ^ Maximum distance possible without buffs. ^ ^
101-110 = 50 Meters
111-120 = 58 Meters
121-130 = 66 Meters
131-140 = 74 Meters
141-150 = 82 Meters
151-160 = 90 Meters
161 + = 100 Meters

For maximum speed, the number correlations are bellowing using the throwing stat.

1-10 = 50 Speed
11-20 = 60 Speed
21-30 = 70 Speed
31-40 = 80 Speed
41-50 = 90 Speed
51-60 = 100 Speed
61-70 = 110 Speed
71-80 = 120 Speed
81-90 = 130 Speed
91-100 = 140 Speed
------------------------------ ^ ^ Maximum speed possible without buffs. ^ ^
101-110 = 150 Speed
111-120 = 160 Speed
121-130 = 170 Speed
131-140 = 180 Speed
141 + = 190 Speed

Reaction Time:
Reaction Time:
The reaction time stat is very important during battle. It means how fast one can react to something.
The formula for reaction time is Agility + 60

I won’t put a listing here since it isn’t really needed.
Few Examples –
If one’s agility is 60, his reaction time is 120.
If one’s agility is 100, his reaction time is 160.

To react to something, one’s reaction time must be above the speed of the attack at least. 

When trying to figure out if you can dodge something or not. Compare your reaction time to the speed of the attack. If the reaction time is above it, it is generally capable of being dodged. However, distance does play a role and just be smart about this.

The breathe stat determines how long one can hold his/her breath. There is no formula for this stat as it directly ties into the swimming stat.

For maximum breathe, the stat correlations are shown here.

1-25 = 2 Post
26-50 = 3 Post
51-75 = 4 Post
76-100 = 5 Post
-------------------- ^ ^ Maximum breathe possible without buffs. ^ ^
100+ = 7 Post

Wielding Power:
Wielding Power:
The wielding power stat determines how fast one can work with his/her weapons or the swing/attack speed. The formula for this is Agility + Strength / 2 + 40 then

For example. A player with 100 Agility and Strength. He/she is wielding a great hammer. The maximum swing speed here would be 140 speed.

To find the force of this, it would be the speed translated into the type of force it is. 140 Blunt Force in this case.

Arrow Power
Arrow Power:
This is basically the wielding power for bows. The arrow power is agility + strength / 2
For example: someone with 100 agility and 100 strength would have 100 Arrow Power.
The arrow’s actual speed is equal  the Arrow Power stat + 20. So in this case, the arrow speed would be 120
The amount of piercing damage points is equivalent to the arrow speed / 2. So in this case, the damage is 60 piercing damage.

- Same applies with bolts for crossbows etc.

Weapon Throwing:
Weapon Throwing:
If a weapon is thrown, it holds the properties that of throwing distance and speed. The force is whatever speed the weapon is thrown at.

Resistance is essentially how durable a character is and it is determined by the character’s health stat. One’s resistance stat is 2x their health. Thus, a character with 100 health has 200 resistance.
If one’s resistance hits 0, they will pass out unless injured to the point that they would die by then.

Techniques, weapons, items, etc – when damaging someone will damage the person hit by the highest level force they have to the resistance of the person.

Thus a technique with 100 Blunt Force and 75 Pierce Force will do (to an unarmored target) minus 100 Resistance to their Resistance stat.

Note – Armors have resistance as well, if the armor is hit only, the removal of resistance happens only to the armor ofc.

Resistance is passively regained per post in correlation to the chi/phi stat.
Chi/Phi Stat        =         Resistance Regain per post
1-19                     =         10
20-39                   =         15
40-59                   =         20
60-79                   =         25
80-99                   =         30
100-119              =         35
120-139              =         40
140-159              =         45
160-179              =         50
180-199              =         55
200+                    =         60

Note – Integrity is key in combat, if you are hit with a lightning bolt to the head that did 100 force damage but you have 200 Resistance, despite being left with now 100 Resistance, you would still be dead as no human can honestly survive that.

The lower the person’s resistance is out of their overall resistance, the weaker they become simulating battle fatigue and damage.
When current Resistance is 75% or less of max Resistance. : Fighter’s reaction time, is lowered by 10.
When current Resistance is 50% or less of max Resistance. : Fighter takes a temporary minus of 5 in all Basic Stats with the exception being health, and in all bending stats as well.
When current Resistance is 25% or less of max Resistance. : Fighter’s AP cost for all abilities is doubled since they can no longer accurately use the body in this state.

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