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Basic Rules

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1 Basic Rules on Fri May 20, 2016 6:23 pm


Basic Rules

Nice to meet you and welcome to the Avatar RPG aka the best simulation of the avatar universe ever to be put in an rping format. While it’s a cold and fun world, there are some rules to make sure all interactions and other such go smoothly to keep conflict and other problems on the low.
If you choose to not follow these, there are penalties to be issued.

1. There can only be one character per account made. If you want to ever create another character, create another account.
Penalty: Reminder

2. All accounts must be named after their character due to the fact that it helps making tracking of characters manageable. If you die, rename your account to that of the replacing character.

3. Realistic Usernames – There is no accepting of HoTBoYx30QuickScope or 9339232edf. Names must also sound generally like they are from the Avatar world. Only some exceptions can be made on this

4. Despite the Avatar RPG world trying to be realistic. For many reasons, one cannot travel off the map to end up on the opposite side of location. Example: Left edge goes to Right Edge.

5. Bumping of threads is allowed. To do so, you must wait at least 24 hours before doing so. After that, it must also have a reason.
Penalty:Contant bumping results in likely removal of thread / deleting.

6. Make sure to post a decent amount of RP in each post so that people can actually have something substantial for replying. 60+ Words or so is reasonable.
Penalty: Reminder

7. Staff Members can and will enforce the rules presented on Avatar RPG. If any abuse or loopholes are tried for exploiting, staff can and will void the post or topic. This rule includes all techniques, skills, systems, and others alike.

8. Swearing excessively isn’t allowed unless it’s in character inside of a post. No if, ands, or excuses here.
Penalty: 24 Hour Ban

9. There will be no Godmodding. Godmodding is when you control another person’s character. This also includes using “autohitting.” This is highly annoying and it prevents the character’s real controller from countering these actions.
Penalty: Void of post

10. Posting of adult content is prohibited. Not only is it against our host provider’s term of service, it is rude and in some cases, illegal. Again, this is prohibited within all parts of Avatar RPG.
Penalty: Permanent Banning

11. Advertising is never permitted. This cannot be in your signature, post, chatbox, or elsewhere.
Penalty: Depends on the severity. Can range from 1 day, 7 days, or permanent.
12. Remain polite to the members within the site. Don’t degrade, harass or other such things, any other member.
Penalty: Day Ban

13. Don’t misuse the mass PM feature for the use of sending pointless messages or spam or anything else of the sort.
Penalty: Week Ban

14. Your character must be reviewed and approved before you can create or participate in roleplay post/topics. You can do this by going to the character creation area. Simply fill out a form.
Penalty: Reminder

15. Any out-of-character notes, additions, or comments must be put in brackets to allow distinguishing between in-character actions in roleplay post.
Penalty: Reminder

16. To fully leave a zone, you must leave all topics from the current zone beforehand besides the travel post obviously. (There are exceptions to this if say one’s spiritual body is elsewhere while the physical is at somewhere else.)
Penalty: Voiding of travel post

17. You can exist in, at max, 3 threads at once if they are simple threads. You may be in 1 major thread at a time. This includes #15 rule as well. Major threads involve war battles, raids, boss fights. Simple threads are generally training, sparring/practicing and such.
Penalty: Possible voiding of threads

18. Make actions with realism. Your character can’t simply evade a lightning strike as point blank range by side-stepping it. To remain realistic, use your stats as a guide.

19. Metagaming other known as using outside knowledge within the game to gain substantial advantage is not permitted in any way.
Penalty: Post void or more

20. Characters, to perform an action, must have a logic reasoning follow their mind-state and thought process created from personality, information known, and prior RP experiences. One can’t simply kill someone because “they were bored” or “felt like doing it”.
Penalty: Post void

21. Stats, once obtained, must be allocated to its proper stat branch and skill (in some cases) as fast as possible. Once a stat is allocated, it cannot be changed or moved elsewhere. Stats cannot be sold or bought. Stats cannot be magically created either.
Penalty: Extra Stats = 1 Day Ban, 2nd offense = Perma ban. Trading = Reminder and trading void. Changing of stats = Reminder

22. After 48 hours within a topic. Assuming someone hasn’t replied to the topic, you are permitted to skip the person in question and continue forward. If a fight is one on one, this equals you being able to claim a hit automatically after 48 hours. If fighting with multiple people, the person next in line gets to post. If raiding/sieging a location, town, or something alike, you win by default if no one defends within 48 hours. If requested, a staff member can post on a topic if multiple players are involved within it to confirm the 48 hours passing making the next person capable of posting. (If you post a reasonable reason beforehand for being gone, you may receive an exemption from the skip. The timer begins on the date you return beginning at 6am. All staf members are allow 72 hours before skip as they must deal with managing the forums and other things associated with.

23. All characters must be human.

24. All techniques, skills, abilities, items, familiars, and basically everything else alike must be fully approved before being put into actual use within the RPing world.
Penalty: Void of any current topics involved in, character is frozen in place until reactivated.

25. All locations, monsters, beast, town structures, or those alike must be fully approved before actually existing for use within the RP world.
Penalty: Void of any post involving X, reminder.

26. One cannot copy and paste any RP post from this site or another. Example – Making a training thread and copying it later then changing a few details, reposting, and expecting to receive rewards on both posts. There are many more examples for this. Main idea is DON’T copy and paste posts.
Topic/Post voided – first offense: Day Ban. Second offense: Week Ban. Third offense: Perma Ban

27. You must keep your character stat page, stats in signature, player inventory, and others alike up to date at all times. When added stats or changing something, make a reply to your topic explaining what was changed and how. If it is crafting for example, show the materials used and result. If it is stats, say where they were allocated and leave a link to where they were acquired.
Penalty: Reminder, will increase if required.

28. Formats for anything such as techniques, character creation, or others must be followed correctly for the application in question to even be considered for a reviewing and possible approval.

29. Character suicide is possible. Though, your character needs a powerful valid reason as people simply don’t want to die without one. This is annoying for staff that spent long approving your post just for you to die at random.
Penalty: Post void of suicide

30. Flashback topics/posts, are not allowed at all.
Penalty: Deleting of thread, voiding of post.

31. When creating a technique or skill, one cannot make it character specific unless it would logically be so. For example: A large fire blast isn’t character specific. But, a lightning dragon made in the heavens could be so with substantial reasoning. If another technique seems to copy another that is character specific, put this in the topic that need replies along with a link to both respective post.

32. The signature limit is two images including gifs and others alike. Do not make it insanely long. At maximum, it should be roughly lower than ¼ of your screen when viewing its entirety. Do not overload it with text either.
Penalty: Reminder – 1 Day Ban – Week Ban – Permanent Ban

33. Though this world is made for simulating realism within the Avatar universe, scamming isn’t allowed at all. All trading and job/quest/mission contracts created must be upheld. If money cannot be supplied due to the lack of money, this person is now in debt. If the other end is intentionally not given when capable of being so, the penalty goes as followed.
Penalty: Permanent Ban

34. Be reasonable with your applications. Applications such as “fire technique: Grab the sun and throw it.” Will be deleted completely. Or… insanely overpowered abilities and things alike as well.
Penalty: Warning, Day Ban, Week Ban, Perma Ban

35. Staff members cannot self-approve their own applications.

36. All measurements for anything on this site must be done in meters. If the distance is very small, feet or inches can be allowed.

Terminology Used-
Void – To make a post no longer count in the topic that it exist in.
Out-of-character – Communication between the players
In-character – Communication between the characters
Metagaming – Using out-of-character knowledge that wouldn’t be known by your character for an unfair advantage.
Autohit – Hitting the other player’s character without giving them a chance to respond or form a logical counter.
Godmod – To control another person’s character.

Keep in mind, staff may select their own punishments based upon the extremity of the situation in question. Those earlier mentioned are just basic punishments.

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