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Sphere of Safe Passage

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1 Sphere of Safe Passage on Tue Jun 21, 2016 1:44 pm



Name: Sphere of Safe Passage
Element: Air
Rank: C
Backstory: Time and time again. People of the 1st world would attempt to kill their opponents via cruel methods such as drowning and poisonous gases. Born from the ingenuity and simple yet fast thinking of air benders, they'd counter this by thinking on their feet.


Activation Motion: Puts either arm out forward and opens palm
Duration: Up to 6 post
Cooldown: Amount of post used for + 2
Range: 4 - 15 Meter radius around user. 
Forces: 45 Blunt Force (if used that way)
Speed: 35 
Health: 35 Health, 70 Resistance 
Stat Boosts: -
Stats Required: 30 Bending Fluidity, 20 Bending Precision, 15 Bending Speed.

What it does: User puts out hand and rotates nearby air until forming either a full sphere around them or just in the area in air (so not underground if on ground but rather a half sphere) When done passively, the air is rotating at the perimeter of the sphere. If done in a more aggressive manner, the air rotates from the user outward until reaching full sphere size at technique's speed. Should one be hit by the rotating air during its creation or be pushed by its expanding, they are knocked back at the technique's blunt force. 

The user can also expand or contract the sphere at the technique's speed between 4 - 15 meters radius of the user. 

Should someone already be inside and the user contracts the sphere into them, they are simply squeezed inward. If there is no space left, the sphere will simply pop. 

Sphere is air tight and can stop water above 100 meter depth, block anything in the air like poison gas, and block attacks as well.

Sphere can be undone at user's will.

Character Specific: -
Wordcount to Learn: 1,500
Action Cost: 20 AP activation, 5 AP upkeep

Bonus Requirements: -
Canon or Custom: Canon

Battle used properly is expression of self.
And surely, my will to fight mirrors my motives.
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