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Venture to Central Adamin

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1Venture to Central Adamin  Empty Venture to Central Adamin on Sat Sep 24, 2016 10:48 pm


[From zone C-056, heading south to Central Adamin, specifically C-083]

Toua was ready to embark on a journey within this strange world which he knew not the name. He traveled with what he deemed an important item, the mysterious tablet. He called it the tablet of Moro, following the name of the spirit that was said to have destroyed whatever previous world existed here. Accompanied by one of the two people he had met at the tablet when he first found it, Toua traveled with Zac. “Granted we left with a decent amount of day , we should reach there a little before nightfall.” Toua squinted his eyebrows, not hard enough to be anger, but more so out of thought. Moving quickly along the hot grass and open plains that, he turned his eyes to that of his fellow traveler. “I have reason to believe we can increase our control over earth the more we train. In the tablet, it stated that Moro had destroyed the previous world because it was corrupted.” Still moving quickly, he pointed his index finger upwards. “Also, it stated Moro granted benders of this world with more chi. Whatever chi is, it sounds like the source of our abilities. It seems what we currently possess is too weak to be considered a substantial addition to a world. Finally, such a corrupt requiring a spirit to destroy it in its entirety sounds like it would likely be caused in same way by very powerful bending.”

They continued onward. “I wish I didn’t have to speak so much. But, I suppose it’s in my best interest to remain conversationally social, or else he’d think I’m too much of a creep to accompany.” He thought.

Sooner or later, they were making way to a noticeable terrain shift where the flat plain and small hills started switching into moderately large hills, dense trees and so forth. The sun above still gave them a significant amount of time to reach their destination so surely, it wouldn’t be much of a bother to continue. However, the temperature also seemed to increase, growing hotter which didn’t fit well for Toua.

“Shit, I best stay out of the heat… when I get the chance. Or, find something better to wear than this dodgy jacket. I suppose it will do for now.” He thought.

Toua reached down with his hand and tugged on the zipper of his jacket to lower it until being fully open.

So, after we build this new civilization. What’s your next move? As for me, I plan on staying there and continuing to develop it until it becomes a power of this world. If you’d like, you can follow suit with me.” He said.

Now it seemed they were nearing their destination and the terrain was just around decent enough for building a civilization. Sure, they would have to flatten the area but asides that, it had all the qualities of a proper settlement area.

Toua marched onwards a few times more now until calling it quits at the top of a moderate hill. “Looks like we’ve made it nicely, and with time to spare.”

WC: 500
[Will Exit after Zac finishes the required 500, claiming 2 basic stat points.)

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2Venture to Central Adamin  Empty Re: Venture to Central Adamin on Mon Oct 03, 2016 10:33 pm

Zac followed behind Toua as he watched the man, of course he was traveling with him...traveling alone would be certain death if he were ever to venture out without learning his limits. He then heard Toua speak that they left in great time and should arrive before sundown. The sun was beating down on them, however it mattered not to Miyamoto. He knew that the heat was just a feeling, a sensation he knew not how to explain. That is when he was told that they could train and become stronger in their element. To this he thought for just a few minutes before speaking out.

"You know I do not mind that actually, I was thinking the same thing. One can never not have enough power to defend themselves."

He was then told about Chi and Moro and the world around them. He did not know a whole lot but as he listened he began to put things together.

"I believe Chi is the amount of power within ourselves. We could train ourselves, become the masters of this world I would assume. However, how do we know that Moro would not just come back and wipe us all out. I say that we just keep going and set up for now. The future is unwritten after all."

So they kept walking, the sun making sweat bead up and drip down his forehead. It was sensational that he was privelaged enough to be alive during a time of exploration. He would be the first to chart and write about the world. As soon as he could figure out what to write on that is. He noticed Toua looking a bit uncomfortable for a time before finally speaking out that it was too hot and he would have to change up his style in the near future. Miyamoto just laughed.

"yeah that...that would be advantageous considering the heat and lack of shade around here. I am surprised we are going out this way. I wonder what it is we shall find once we arrive."

To which Toua had a direct answer and question already waiting, asking him what he would do once they got to their destination. To which Zac stopped and thought for a minute, of course he wanted to explore and venture out. First thing was first though, he needed to set up some sort of shelter for him or anyone else that should arrive. The world was theirs to shape after all. It was time that they began to build.

"I will remain to train and become stronger while we build and set up someplace to call home for now. I do want to explore further though and after things become a bit crowded...I will be on my way, you can rule or do whatever I want nothing to do with any of that. Not my style...I think."

He would say then shut up for the remainder of their journey as he was sure that there were things now that divided them. Who knows what the future holds.


(claiming 2 basic stats)

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