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Xu Mei<3

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1Xu Mei<3 Empty Xu Mei<3 on Tue Oct 04, 2016 6:51 pm

Name Xu Mei Fornicarás

Age:l 20

Gender:l Female

Race:l Asian


Her most distinctive trait is her hair. Since she was born she had always had white hair that is comparable to the color of the snow, hence why some people call her "the white queen", a name which she deeply detests. Smooth to the touch and long enough to reach all the way down to the nape of her back, Xu Mei favors wearing most of her hair long. While most of her hair would fall onto her back, she always leaves two long strands of it to hang just over her shoulders, which often times enough would draw attention to her ears. This hairstyle is particularly her favorite because of what she would do with the front end of her hair which is shorter than the back. She would keep it up in a large bun that is swept to the left of her face. This in turns leaves her entire forehead exposed and covers her left eye most times as somewhat of an attraction. Apply this hairstyle is something she doesn't have to actually take time to do as her hair as somewhat adopted to staying that way.
She has slim trim eyebrows that are white in color like her hair. Her eyes itself are deep set, her iris being a distinguishable color of light blue and her eyelids are naturally long and voluptuous . Her typical attire is rather basic, yet, she wears it very well. It consists of her wearing a black dress made from silk. It is most short, reaching just above mid-thigh like a miniskirt would It is mostly fight fitting around the upper half, hugging her waist and breasts closely so as to accentuate her delicate curves, albeit not so tight that it hinders her vastly in combat, then as it reaches her legs it is more loose fitting to allow her much easier movement. It is short at the arms, only covering her shoulders, it is zipped up the center, but then just below her breasts the zipper stops, revealing much cleavage. Since she would wear a bra underneath it reveals the black bra on her chest. It is mostly see through. Albeit, without looking closely a person would never really see what underwear she has on underneath. Over it she wears a long trench coat which she had gotten from one of her old students after her graduated. It stops at around knee level, and while it can zip up the center, she prefers to leave it open in dislike of the heat. On her arms she would wear a pair of black arm warmers that extends.

Her body doesn't compromise of much fat since she doesn't have much on her, while most of whatever fat she does have is in the form of muscle. On her chest, she possesses average size breasts, able to fit into a D cup, firm and supple on her chest. She has a flat stomach, but not so flat that she looks like a walking stick, as such there is just a faint amount of fat along it to give her a move pronounce shaped. Her abs are well pronounced something she's proud of, and her belly button is inverted/innie. Downwards, her thighs are slender like the rest of her. There isn't much trace of fat in them and they are rather muscular, supporting her athletics background. Between her thighs they are slightly spread apart, which tends to draw more of an appeal towards her. Her feet fit into a size 8. In terms of hair and so forth, as prideful woman she is very keen on hygiene. She shaves regularly, in all the mandatory parts every week.



Starting Zone/Location:l C-056

Element:l Fire

-Basic Stats-

Health: 12
Chi/Phi: 20
Strength: 8
Agility: 20

-Bending Stats-

Bending Speed: 20
Bending Strength: 10
Bending Precision: 20
Bending Fluidity:  10

-Resourcing Stats

Woodcutting: 7
Mining: 7
Forging: 8
Construction: 8
Swimming: 5
Medical: 2
Trapping: 2
Navigation: 2
Reading/Writing: 5
Gathering: 6
Tracking: 5
Spirit: 2

Spirits are of importance.

Spirit Primary Color = Rose Pink,Spirit Secondary Color = Purple


Probably the most prominent feature of her personality is her desire to simply sleep the days away. At first it was brought about by her affliction, which slowly turned into laziness and now into sloth as the problem got progressively worse. There she does naught but sleep and think, usually about trivial matters and such, though her thoughts can be described as quite intelligent at times.

Her actual behavior shows no sign of this innate ability to think, rather it shows a spoiled little daddy's girl that never had to work hard for what she has. Even with her ability to think an act with a reasonably high IQ, she struggles to keep her emotions in check, usually in the form of anger and frustration, trying to keep people out and away from her in her time of solace. As such she can come across as very rude, insensitive and sometimes even downright offensive. What people fail to realize is that it's really not her speaking said obscenities but rather all of the fury and annoyance eating away inside her, literally. However, she does have a rather likable side to her as well and as such she decides to classify herself as a tsundere, though not quite a viscous one.

Y'see, Xu Mei's greatest strength is really her charisma, able to weasel her way out of anything and everything with a couple of sweet words and a sob story, which lends itself to a job as an actress. She declines any offer she receives however, having now followed her dream to the very end, she didn't want twenty-eight years of her life go to shame. This is the likable element to her, just how confident and outgoing she is, as well as her flirtatiousness, which she has even build a majority of her techniques around. Xu Mei tends to give off a great charm, most likely due to her stunning looks and 'personality' overall. She enjoys attracting attention to herself, both in and out of combat.

Xu Mei holds a great deal of sadness within her that people probably don't notice just by surface appearance, mainly due to the fact that the many sins she had committed over the years tends rear its ugly head every now and again. Now though, her depression has started hitting her hard, the main focus of the corruption being the growing affliction in the form of the accelerated weight loss. She has had to convince herself that she is not anorexic and that she has to keep eating in order to stay functioning.

Likes:l Drinking, Fire bending, Sleeping, Reading

Dislikes:l Cold places, Sour foods, Spiders, Commitment.

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2Xu Mei<3 Empty Re: Xu Mei<3 on Thu Oct 06, 2016 11:07 pm


Approved. Welcome to Avatar RPG
Quite a lengthy character app might I say, next up is your character statistics

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Battle used properly is expression of self.
And surely, my will to fight mirrors my motives.
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