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Mysterious New World

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1 Mysterious New World on Thu Sep 15, 2016 9:45 pm


The boy could feel his body. The crisp air around him pushed in and out of his lungs like a bio-engine. A euphoric-explosion of senses rushed along him.

He knelt, face looking at the green small blades waving below him, grass. "Where the... I?" He asked himself aloud. The movements of his tongue in his mouth felt strange yet natural at the same time, like he had not talked for ages.

He looked down at himself, his pale skinny arms outward. sounding like old abandoned house doors being opened for the first time in years, his joint cracked as he rose from he kneel.

The boy stood tall and looked around him, he was on slight hills of meadow like grass, the painted sky was elegantly blue and white. To his left, there was a massive forest in the distance and off to his right, was a strange stone tablet of sorts rooted in the ground.

"I'm Toua. I'm 15..." Toua thought to himself. That's all he could remember. It all still felt like a dream, but either way, he'd make the most of it. The tablet interested him, he decided to walk towards it at the speed of 10.

Doing so, his black winter jacket weighed down on him with heat. "This place feels so realistic..." Toua said aloud.

The tablet was originally 30 meters away. And now, it was a mere 2.

Standing before it, Toua closely read the contents of the tablet.

Tablet Contents:

This is a new world, created by Moro. The last was corrupted and for it, rendered to nothing more than dust. From the dust, Moro formed a new by collapsing the previous world into itself. For whom reads, you are the new one to this land, amongst the first. In the previous world, people could manipulate the four elements using their chi. These elements were water, earth, fire, and air. To keep the world in balance, there existed a single person would could control or bend all four unlike the others possessing only one. However, they failed.
In this world, there are 8 sources of power divided across the land known as relics guarded by powerful spirits, followers of Moro. Somewhere lies the land of spirits. The power of the avatar, or the single bender of all four, still exists locked away and guarded in a land of immense heat.
Unlike the last world, benders of this world have been blessed with more chi by Moro, thus, all are far stronger than those of the past world. But that matters not. This world is yours to create, destroy this tablet, and allow none to uncover this information any longer, preserve it and possibly cause a rush of people hunting the relics and their power. History is yours.

Toua gazed around every now in then mid sentence to check if anything was around perhaps animals or other such. He doubted he was the only person in this dream of his.

Toua was puzzled. "Power? Some spirit Moro who destroyed and rebuilt the world? I'm in whatever this new world is. I see, an opportunity for my ultimate adventure and right of passage.

Though as always, power won't do it all. As even the "Avatar" failed."
He thought.

Toua continued thinking, now sitting on the side of the tablet.
He made sure to retain all the information and now, he was interested by the idea of the 4 elements and seeing which one he could control.

WC: 368

Battle used properly is expression of self.
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2 Re: Mysterious New World on Thu Sep 15, 2016 10:35 pm

Zac opened his eyes, he knew not of what came before this point, but it was here...Life...or whatever "this" was. He wasted little time as he stood up, his joints popping as he took a long stretch, he felt stiff, but at ease like he had done this before. There was a new feeling...

"Feelings...this place...where am I, I?"

He asked himself as he looked down, he was clothed in a brown tunic that seemed to cover his torso while his legs seemed to clothed in brown cloth, though he wore no shoes which was odd...if he knew what shoes were. It was then that he scanned the area, soon he found a figure in the distance and he began to walk towards the figure with a curious attitude. As he closed the gap which was about forty-five meters he had another thought.

"I...I am Zac, and I am twenty four years of age."

He was beginning to have thoughts of his own, but he quickly noticed that he was doing so in times of importance, as if something was feeding him these memories. He shook his head as he waved to the figure, though he did not know who the figure was Zac's curiosity got the better of him.

"What do you got there?"

He inquired to the male figure before him, nothing he was smaller and appeared to be of a different origin, his skin pale instead of olive. Just what in the world was going on here.

WC: 251

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3 Re: Mysterious New World on Thu Sep 15, 2016 11:16 pm


After Toua's reading the tablet and some contemplating. He thought about how and why he'd enjoy each element. Eventually, he settled on preferring fire because it would match his fire-like will and personality. However, that was of little importance. From some 40 or so meters out, he noticed a man who seemed quite older than him waving towards him.

Toua slowly rose his hand, in a sign of acknowledge, and less of a wave. Albeit, it wasn't in an intimidation manner.

"Good to know that other people exist here. Judging by how he plainly presented himself, I suppose I can assume he's not dangerous or looking for trouble. Though, I shouldn't let my guard down entirely." Toua thought. Should anything have happened, he'd change his actions accordingly to avoid danger.

The man seemed to call out from a distance of 20 meters. "Heh, asking what I'm looking at huh? Only if I really knew for myself." He thought.

Toua tried to peace together a decent summary of the tablet. By this time, the man was 15 meters away.

"I can say it's something strange. Following this tablet's text, we're part of some new world and bunch of other information." Toua explained, using his solid deeper tone, looking in the man's direction.

"I recommend you take a look for yourself."

Toua now kept the man in his peripheral vision on his left, and the tablet in his vision for reading.

WC: 608

Battle used properly is expression of self.
And surely, my will to fight mirrors my motives.
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4 Re: Mysterious New World on Fri Sep 16, 2016 3:40 pm


Judar, a man whose memories have forsaken him and purged themselves from his mind, or it was something he liked to think had happened. From his “awakening” Judar felt as though he had just been recently conceived, a newborn in a land that was more pristine than a chapel worshipped by the most devout followers.

As Judar took a moment to take in his surroundings he could see that it was day out and the sun was in full effect gracing this planet with it’s radiant shine that seemed to be ever flowing. “How could something so pure be of this world, it is too good for our kind.” Judar said to himself, on what basis he made this statement he could not tell, but yet he did so. It was as if  he had some faint remembrance of a past that was far more devastating than the one he was currently in.

He then look at the ground to see an abundance of green frills also known as grass that flowed with the wind in a rhythmic way as if following a certain tune. Then turning his head along with his body to make a full 360 degree turn he could see that light blue sky, the tree sprouting out as carelessly as ever and a few creatures here and there proving that he wasn’t the only living thing here.

Something that did catch his eye more than anything else was the two presumably male characters that seemed to be talking. They were roughly a few meters out, it was his first time hearing the voice of others even though he could barely hear what they were discussing. As they were speaking Judar would begin to walk towards them one foot in front of the other.

As he closed the distance he could see that one of the males were observing a table which looked to have some text on it. The closer he got the easier he could read the text which was weird because he had never seen anything written like that before, it was just prior knowledge somehow. Either way he walked past the two males and put his hand on the table to feel it. As he ran his hand down the stone tablet he was intrigued.

After reading it he would go off into the forest to meditate on what he just read as he needed to make sense of it all.


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5 Re: Mysterious New World on Fri Sep 16, 2016 11:30 pm

Miyamoto listened to the male as he explained, though not to much in detail that he hardly knew what was going on or what he was reading himself. It was highly unusual, because he was a foreigner in this land he knew not if others were was well. However when the male answered to him telling him to take a look for himself...he did so reluctantly.

"Well I'll be...did not think something like a starters manual would exist, but I will do well to remember it all."

That is when another approached, this male seemed utterly one sided as he simply came up and begin to touch the tablet. It was odd, whatever compelled the man to do this, but he felt no animosity towards the man whatsoever in this regard. As he finished the male would simply begin to walk away as if in deep thought. As the male grew out of sight Miyamoto turned to the male that was standing there still as he walked back over and offered the tablet back.

"Keep it, or destroy it...It seems fate has already made our decision for us in that mindset seeing as we all arrived at just the right time to see it and study it. So what shall I call name is...Miyamoto..."

Miyamoto kept his hand outstretched and to shake the hand of the male if he decided to have any inclination to do so.

WC: 489

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6 Re: Mysterious New World on Sat Sep 17, 2016 10:48 am


[Zac, did you say your name was Miyamoto by accident? Because it seems a bit early for alias heh.]

Toua continued studying the young adult who was examining the tablet. At this same time, he noticed some other male. He seemed slightly shorter than himself, but had dark hair and menacing eyes. Just who could this be?

"I don't have much a problem with company but it seems people are appearing out of the blue."
Toua explained to the guy who had appeared first. 

As the 1st guy gave a handshake out to the second. Toua followed up, "So, who are you, and your name?" He asked with a natural sternness.

"Different world, strange personalities, it seems fitting. However, I'll hope this guy doesn't attempt any crazy shit. Currently, I've yet to discover this world's limitations in terms of power. Speaking of which...." Toua thought to himself.

Up to now, Toua would watch attentively, should anything out of what he deemed safe, he'd change his actions accordingly. Otherwise, Toua turned to his right and would walk a good 5 meters away. 

"The tablet informs us about something called the "four elements." I can bet we each can one of them. Best to try and go about figuring out how to use them now if any of you plan on surviving. Judging the fact this place has a sun, I can assume day doesn't last forever." 

Toua announced, walking now calmly trying to mentally guess what element he'd receive. 
- [Training for basic bending] [Aka, Not RP important]

And from there, he turned to face the group once his distance was covered. At this point, he'd be on standby and pay attention to them while training his bending ability. He first threw a fast kick into the air, trying to visualize the force of the wind that would come after it. Nothing was of result. 

"Alright then, air's not my deal. Next is fire. Maybe... if I focus on my body heat and attempt to bring it forth." 

Toua landed and positioned himself for another attempt. Bringing his hands over the front of his chest like claws, he focused on the concept of heat, and more importantly fire. 

Toua rotated his palms quickly and thrust both forward in a pushing motion. Making sure to keep his head up, he saw no flames or felt any external heat so that wasn't his method either. 

He would have attempted water too but there was no water around, then it was finally the last remaining, earth. 

"If not earth, then I'll need to go find some water somewhere to practice my arts." He thought to himself.

Toua got into a more rigid stance now, resembling that of the earth, or at least how he conceptualized about it. "Surely if the earth is solid, then my stance should be to." 

And with that stance, he moved forward in one rock like motion, before quickly kicking towards the ground like a slanted stomp. Surprisingly enough, he felt little resistance as the earth seemed to yield to him. The slight kick, had sent a small amount of dirt of rocks flying some 5 meters away. Since he wasn't very physically strong nor had that set with his intention on that movement, he came to a conclusion. 

"I see, that wasn't my intention however it happened regardless and seemingly by an outside force. As it stands, it would appear to be that Earth is my element." He announced aloud. 

Toua retracted his leg and got into a horse stance. From there he placed his fist onto their respective sides and still kept the group of the earlier two in his vision at all times. Now he would lean forward and attempt to punch off the earth hard enough to make himself return to his previous position. By strength alone, he was too petite to perform it. Though if he used the bending energy of this world, it sounded a lot more feasible. 

"First attempt. Granted I'm naturally good, it shouldn't be too difficult." Toua thought, leaning forward and to the ground. 

He made himself fall only to catch himself with his two hands. He expanded his palms openly and push off the ground. "It feels like I can absorb the impact of the earth too, strange." 

Now in his original stance, he spoke again. "That concludes my training for now." 

Toua turned to his right and proceeded back to the group assuming they didn't try anything sketchy of course. 

- Training Concluded.

WC: 1,362 
Side Note: [Trained Earth Manipulation in this post.] Post consisted of 500 WC of training bending.

Battle used properly is expression of self.
And surely, my will to fight mirrors my motives.
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7 Re: Mysterious New World on Sat Sep 17, 2016 2:37 pm


Leaving the two behind he would hear a question directed towards him, “Judar,” he would reply calmly as he continued to walk off. The direction of the breeze was against him which caused his long black ponytail catch the wind and be taken aback.

As he had entered the forest, how far away he was from the others didn’t interest him he would begin to climb a tree in which a rodent with a curled-tailed would climb up his arm. It was so small yet swift, it was odd that something this small could show such speed in rapid mannerisms such as turning its neck as if it were watching for predators.

Upon Judar’s arm the rodent sat until it seemed bored of him, leaping off at a moment’s notice to fulfill his natural duties. Now at the top of the tree Judar would peer to see nothing, but green, it was as if this was an assortment pastels painted by the creator.

He seen a direction which interested him, it was a lake glistening blue in the sun’s glory, as he seen this he hopped out of the tree and made his way to the lake. His destiny has yet to be fulfilled but at this lake it would begin.
[Exit, see ya on the otherside]

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8 Re: Mysterious New World on Sat Sep 17, 2016 4:59 pm

Zac smiled as the two men told them their names, but he noticed both walked away, assuming they were off to their own destinations and he still held the tablet. He kept the tablet in hand as he began to think on what it said, that he could be apart of the elements was a thing that was most intriguing. He sighed as he took a hard footing in the ground, noting that this seemed second nature he stood even level with the ground as he lifted his right leg and outstretched it before bringing it down hard on the earth. He watched as the earth moved up and out at about three meters, it also had a profound movement up and out before coming to rest, a scar left in the earth as his first guess was right.

"Looks like I am positioned with the earth."

Zac smiled and then began to laugh as he looked back down to the tablet before the one that did not give his name began his trek back. It was not long, but Zac did not move as he waited for the male to return.

"Seems that the one called Judar has taken his leave, just as I have found that I have a profound ability to become as the earth is. What a queer world this is."

Zac said with a smile as he decided he wanted to demonstrate. He once more took the stance of the horse before outstretching his right leg and slamming it into the ground of course away from the male that remained. He watched as the earth rose and then fell out as if it were an etch-a-sketch.

"I seem to have a considerable amount of strength as well, I guess that helps out with the elemental control."

He said while scratching his head. His demeanor had calmed down, almost jokingly.


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9 Re: Mysterious New World on Sat Sep 17, 2016 5:06 pm


[Approving exit @ Judar. 
You also get 2 basic stat points. 
Good luck]

Battle used properly is expression of self.
And surely, my will to fight mirrors my motives.
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10 Re: Mysterious New World on Sat Sep 17, 2016 5:24 pm


"I've overheard everything said over there. And... I'm rather pleased with my ability for now." Toua said in a slight whisper.

"Well then. I suppose it's time to consider a plan." He thought. The black jacket, that was obviously too hot for here, wearing boy turned back to face the group. He watched as the one named Judar made his leave. 

"Peculiar in his wake, as his leave. I have a strange feeling that I'll be seeing him again. Someday."

Seeing this, Toua walked back to the tablet and the taller man. 

In all honesty, he wasn't the best at conversation. He could feel it... that he didn't like talking much unless it was mainly of necessity. And thus, would likely be awkward in speech. 

Toua thought to himself, quickly in the moment of a blink. 
"I suppose there's no point in soloing it up in a strange world like this. Time to break my shell."

"You, Zac." He looked up to him. "Where do you plan on going? I'm going to be leaving soon. My agenda is to make some shelter. Granted you have control over earth and I do too, making structures should be easy for us." Toua finished. 

His face remained static in speech. Toua knew he'd need company else he go crazy, and teaming up seems natural in this situation. 

Though, he also knew he'd need to improve his socializing ability, less he come off as creepy with bad motives. 

"My name's Toua."
WC: 1,609

Battle used properly is expression of self.
And surely, my will to fight mirrors my motives.
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11 Re: Mysterious New World on Mon Sep 19, 2016 11:42 am

Zac watched as the man came back and he handed him the tablet before he was going to ask if perhaps the man needed a traveling companion. It would make for an easier transition through the world and would minimize the risk of being attacked right off the bat. However, before he could ask the man asked if he would not mind traveling with him, even called to him by his name. With a smile Zac nodded as he he heard the man then call himself Toua.

"Well it could not hurt since we do not know what is out in the world. However, I feel a pull towards exploring so as long as you can keep up, I do not mind traveling with you."

Zac said with a smile before looking off towards where he thought was north.

"So which way boss?"

WC: 950

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12 Re: Mysterious New World on Mon Sep 19, 2016 3:20 pm


"He agreed. Good. It's strange to call me boss however, granted I'm younger. Well either way, no point in questioning it now." Toua thought. 

Toua pointed to the south. "We're gonna have to travel slightly to the south. After which, we should be more inland." 

Toua had examined in the distance to their right, the slight upcoming of water likely meaning some form of ocean. 

By some skills of basic deduction, he used this to gain a general knowledge of his location. Typically, he'd head to water for shelter, but he had a few different ideas when it came to civilization granted he would soon be able to create structures with significant ease. 

"No idea on the size of this landmass, but if it's an island. We're lucky." Toua explained.

He took a turn back to the left, and stepped forward slightly. "For some reason... I feel like I know the name of this place. Something says Adamin."

"Day's short as it is." Toua stated in his head. "Time to move." He said in a strangely entertained tone, like he expected some masterful story to begin its unraveling from here on out. 

Should Zac have followed, Toua would proceed, traveling to the south before vanishing into the hills as they left. 

WC: 1809
Claims: 9 Basic Stat Points, 2 Bending Stat Points
Earth Manipulation

Battle used properly is expression of self.
And surely, my will to fight mirrors my motives.
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13 Re: Mysterious New World on Mon Sep 19, 2016 3:49 pm

Zac nodded in agreement to Toua, he was probably right due to the laws of probability. He did not care though, he was ready to explore. He smirked as Toua began to walk to the south.

"Time to go already then...I am hungry..."

He said as Toua explained that he felt the name of the land was Adamin. He would make a mental note as he followed.

Earth Manipulation
4 Stats (Basic)

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14 Re: Mysterious New World on Mon Sep 19, 2016 3:53 pm


(Approving exit of Zac and associated claims.)

Battle used properly is expression of self.
And surely, my will to fight mirrors my motives.
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15 Re: Mysterious New World on Thu Sep 22, 2016 3:45 pm


[Approved at Toua]

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