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Thread and RP Rules

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1 Thread and RP Rules on Fri May 20, 2016 7:20 pm


Thread and RP Rules

Thread Rules:
When one is making a thread, there are a few rules that should be followed and known. This includes the important tags that can be put on the thread area and when you are allowed to use the. These thread tags are used to label to specialize how the thread is supposed to go and its purpose. Though, these do not make it absolute.

No Kill Tag:  or NK
This means killing within this thread is against the rules. Any post that are intentional for killing shall be voided. However, just because the NK tag is present doesn’t mean your characters become godly. If you fail and cannot perform a counter to a post, you can still end up dying. Also, if you create an NK topic with someone and give them a good reason to kill you, they still can. Examples: Tell them you will kill them in a few seconds, tell them you were the one who murdered their entire family, and tell them something painting you as a major traitor.

Private Tag:  or PR
This means the topic created is private to you and those who you invite. Private topics can only be made in zones within or with a settlement such as town, castle, etc. A private topic can be entered if the person is actively chasing you and is nearby the location of said topic. They would need to logically be able to determine your location as well. Ex: A friend finds his friend in a private topic located at their prior hiding place from the city guards without being invited. / He would also need a reason to be there as well.

Rules on This:
- All tags must be used properly. With any form of abuse occurring, staff has all right to appear and judge the thread.
- Exceptions can be made for the tags, IC actions still apply however.
-All thread tags must be put in either the title or thread description.
-Tags cannot be changed, removed, or added once the thread is created.

Roleplay Rules:
These are required to keep the writing forms/styles and such in check. If you have something that you’d like to be added, simply suggest it directly to a staff member via PM to see if it is acceptable (with an example)

Third Person
This is completely universal over Avatar RPG. All roleplay post must be done in this fashion.
Actions are typed as “He jumped over…” and “She dived above…”

The timeline way of typing is where actions are typed out in line sequences. This text is always used when within a battle. Any text not separated by decent space will be assumed to occur at the same time or so.
This is also the method of typing used when you have your character respond to a specific part of a post, opposed to reacting to the full thing.

- You can only act upon the most recent post, if you have a thread going on for multiple posts and try to return and respond to something in the first post, you will be voided.


“Leo squats down, with elbows on corresponding knees, and faces directly downward. Gathering his strength, he rushes Moro.”
^ This would be the timeline for the player that is going to be countered.
“Moro observes Leo dropping into his squat. To stop him from further actions, he sweeps him with his right leg clashing into Leo’s left completely robbing his balance.”
^The counter performed cut off the timeline performed by John.

Since Moro canceled Leo’s rushing attack by sweeping his leg at him. The fight is resumed with Leo losing balance from his squatting position and Moro there after he finished his sweep.

Hinting Style:
This is where you describe the attack enough to hint at what it is opposed to directly stating it. This is monitored heavily for possible exploiting and abuse. If questioned, one must explain what happened when how where etc.
Example: Instead of saying “He used the water whip” one could say “A small tendril of water formed as it launched toward his opponent’s face.”
Though, since bending moves are generally close or very similar, it is best to put the moves specifically used OOC at the end of a post.

Specifying the Unspecified:
This is where you are allowed to put your own details into someone’s post if they do not have it within it themselves. Only minute use of this is allowed, such uses must have a within reason outcome, information that is important must be edited in by the player who is missing it.
Such examples of use are shown as followed:
“Leo punches Moro”
The fist used was unspecified as well as the location on the body hit.
From this, Moro can logically say the punch was aimed for his right arm.

One doesn’t need to detail their entire form. You can’t use this to change what they wear during the battle, if they fell while walking there, or anything of the sort. This is considered as trolling and will be voided.

Banned RP Styles:

Filler Style:
Filling your post with pointless details that aren’t related or important to the goal at hand. Information pertaining to or generally around the post is permitted. Though, we don’t need info on what song the bird’s singing outside the window during the morning sounded like. [There are exceptions to this however, such as when battling.]

This is where you boost your speed to insane levels to kill someone without them receiving any time at all to react or kill someone in one move without reason. Such acts are considered to be trolling and will be voided unless reasoned and supported by many IC actions. There are very rare exceptions to this. Final Verdict Here, don’t do this as it is rude and very annoying as well as kills the joy from RPing.
Example: Boosting speeds insanely using body modifying techniques to slice someone in half at 300 Speed.
Blitzing isn’t to be confused with a technique or person just being fast naturally. If someone is generally fast and can kill you with speed, they will with reason.

Rules Here:
What is listed here is allowed. If a style of writing isn’t ask a staff member about it first before use.
Staff has total right to void posts and topics if they abuse any of the styles stated.

Post Voids
Voids are the agreed dismissal of post or part of a post that is breaking rules such as autohitting, unreachable actions, and godmodding.

A void in a post makes it so everything at the point of the voiding afterwards becomes nonexistent.

Leo flips toward Moro, Moro shifts his motion to the right and punches Leo over forty times before he can land with his two broken arms can kills Leo instantly.

^Moro’s last valid action would be “shifting his motion to the right”. This is the only part of the post that would still exist logically. Anything after this would be dismissed and voided since his punching of over forty times was auto hitting as well as physically impossible in that time. This makes it so he just shifted his motion to his right giving Leo a chance at a free hit. Despite being just voided, Moro can still counter Leo’s next action if he is capable of doing so.

How to void a post:-:
You must have structured proof to support your claims of it being rule breaking. This argument must be posted alongside the proof on the topic including the position of the void, and why. This void must then be approved by a staff member or accepted by the other player. The topic becomes frozen until one of the two occur.

Stupid/Dumb Voids:
Some voids are very idiotic for a person to call on just to get a free attack in. These types of voids are typically including slight grammatical problems, typos, or missing a single word. These are generally problematic due to how petty and weak they are unless true reason is held in the void. Otherwise, the staff will ignore the void and allow the fixing of the accused one’s post by the accused.

Leo throws a rock at Moro aiming directly towards the face using his right arm in a perfect arc
Moro deflects the dock lifting his dagger held in left hand at high speeds.

^Anyone who would read this knows that Moro meant to say “rock”. For that reason, there isn’t much confusion so no problem is held here.
The easiest and most proper way to work this is either to continue on as if Moro deflected the rock or simply ask the post to be edited for the word to be changed.

Characters receive a minimum or 2 chances to fix a void on them. More can be permitted if the player or players collectively agree to give a pass and allow the fix. This is done to keep the fun within RP so one doesn’t die for simple having a typo.

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