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Technique Rules

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1 Technique Rules on Fri May 20, 2016 6:57 pm


Technique Rules

Techniques are the various arts used by all people throughout the Avatar RP World. This includes bending arts, martial arts, and generally everything else. Within this section, you will find everything pertaining to the elements, techniques, how to rank them, word counts required to learn said techniques, and so forth.

Acquiring Techniques:

Earning of techniques is simple. It is done by training. This training is represented as a story/writing that must be equivalent in word count to the word count of the technique trying to be learned. In this story, you must describe and write about your character practicing and using it, etc. Word count from group threads such as sparring or battles can also be put toward the word count of a technique.

E-Rank: 500 words to learn.
D-Rank: 1,000 words to learn.
C-Rank: 1,500 words to learn.
B-Rank: 2,000 words to learn.
A-Rank: 3,000 words to learn.
S-Rank: 4,000 words to learn.
X-Rank: 4,500 words to learn.
Z-Rank: 5,000 words to learn.

Determining The Rank, Stats Required, and more of a Technique:

To determine the rank of a technique, take the stats required of it and check them with what’s shown below.
Choose the highest stat required for the tech out of bending – fluidity, strength, speed, precision, player speed, and strength.
Example: A tech requiring 40 Agility and 28 D-Strength and 42 B-Fluidity would be B-Rank using the 42 B-Fluidity as the number corresponding with the rank test.

Rank Test:
1-19 = E
20-29 = D
30-39 = C
40-49 = B
50-59 = A
60-69 = S
70-79 = X
80+ = Z

Many specifications of a technique such as range, power/damage, and more are determined by the rank itself. Note, these are caps and can be lower or slightly higher if explained with a reason. Except for AP, those serve as minimums meaning the AP can be now lower but can be higher if wished.

Damage:         Range: (in meters)      Speed:      AP:
E: 20                E: 5                        E: 15         E: 10
D: 35               D: 10                        D: 25        D: 15
C: 45               C: 15                       C: 35         C: 20
B: 55               B: 25                        B: 50         B: 25
A: 65               A: 35                       A: 65        A: 35
S: 80               S: 50                        S: 80         S: 50
X: 95               X: 75                       X: 95         X: 80
Z: 110             Z: 100                       Z: 110       Z: 100

When apping techniques by these parameters, some of the values directly above can be changed slightly here and there depending on the technique and its purpose. 

Also, for things like health, damage can be used. For things like stat boosts, damage can also be used. 

Teaching and Being Taught Techniques:
To simulate how learning something in real life goes, if you are learning a technique or skill from someone who already has it, you will only be required of half the words of what you normally would. This is similar to having a teacher or master in real life.

Requirements to use Techniques?:
- To use a technique, one must have the proper requirements such as element, stats, and others met

Technique Power Booster:
Technique Power Booster: All techniques are boosted by the stat of Chi/Phi. To find the booster on damage, range, speed etc. For every 10 stats over all stats required for a tech, the tech gains + 5 in speed, damage, and range. Of course, this wouldn’t give range to a melee attack, or grant speed to a speedless attack. So use within reason. This maxes out at 8 increases of power.

Arsenal Caps:
These are placed to prevent people have acquiring every tech in the entire site making generally all players the same. Choose your techniques wisely as once learned cannot be unlearned.

Each player is entitled to….

Infinite E-Rank Techs
Infinite D-Rank Techs
8 C-Rank Techs
6 B-Rank Techs
4 A-Rank Techs
3 S-Rank Techs
2 X-Rank Techs
2 Z-Rank Techs

And 5 Skills

Anyone familiar with the Avatar series should know the concept. People in this world can bend a single element out of the five (Yes we changed this). Bending an element is to manipulate it using your spiritual energy or chi in this case.

The original four elements as explained by the honorable Iroh.

Fire is the element of power. Those with it have desire and will, and the energy to drive to achieve what they want.

Earth is the element of substance. Those with it are diverse and strong, persistent and enduring.

Air is the element of freedom. Those with it can detach themselves from worldly concerns and find peace and freedom.

Water is the element of change. Those with it are capable of adapting to many things. They hold a great sense of community and love that holds them through anything.

Granted, spirit isn't necessarily an element. However, it is used as such. Spirit refers to the universal energy held within one's body. A person's spirit is very universal and holds many uses.

More on Spirit:

The spirit stat is like the health stat when defending against spirit attacks. 

Spirit attacks require both the spirit level and bending stat requirements suggested by technique ranking.

One can only see spirits if their spirit stat is at least 30. 

Spirit attacks and techniques can only interact with other spirits. Thus, they travel through physical walls, floors, and generally anything. 

Due to the fact one's spirit is a part of them, they can sense the location of any of their own spirit including their attacks and techniques. 

At level 90 Spirit, one can directly enter the spirit world. Taking both their physical body and their spiritual body with them. Allowing bending to be possible in the spirit world. 

At level 70 Spirit, once can enter the spirit world only with their spiritual body. Thus allowing no bending while there. 

Damage Types:

In Avatar-RPG, damages comes in various levels as well as four specified damage force types. Techniques can work off any one if not multiple of these depending on what the move does.

Blunt Force – Example: High speed boulder or crashing shore waves.

Slice Force – Example: A saber’s slice or an ice blade’s cut.

Pierce Force – Example: Wind bullet or a mechanical drill.

Blast Force – Example: Dynamite exploded or compressed fire bomb.

These four damage force types are used primarily to indicate, without a doubt, what it is that the technique is capable of doing. They also hold important uses when checking resistance such as a metal ship’s having great defense to slice; decent to blunt, and only pierce or blast force would be effective. These resistance levels are shown by +20 Resist to Slice. +10 Resist to Blunt. -10 Resist to Pierce. -5 Resist to Blast. 

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